After Abortion Survey Mission


The Mission of the After Abortion Survey
The mission of After Abortion Survey is to provide a tool to help define the aftermath of abortion while assisting those seeking to seriously restore their broken lives.

Often, women find it difficult to get their lives back on track after abortion. Men also hurt because of the abortion. After Abortion Survey is dedicated to providing services to both men and women who demonstrate a serious desire to change. The change is, of course, your choice. The mission of the survey is to help you see if you might benefit from one of our courses below. No two people are the same. You have a unique history, a unique capacity for emotional pain and a unique spiritual understanding that is your own.

The goal of the completed survey is to help you find help in time of need.

You may be interested in our FREE ME TO LIVE COURSE. This is our recovery workbook that shaped and influenced the entire recovery movement within pregnancy resource centers nationally.

Women: Need help after an abortion? Consider MY HEALING CHOICE FOR WOMEN a free, on-line recovery course just for you!

Men: Need help after being impacted by a woman’s abortion? MY HEALING CHOICE FOR MEN a free, on-line recovery course just for you, sir!

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